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Carol Baumheckel

Carol Baumheckel has been in the healthcare industry for over 30 years. She became a Licensed Practical Nurse having graduated from the Hinsdale Hospital School of Practical Nursing in 1977. She did traditional bed-side nursing for many years as well as private duty nursing. She continued her education at Butler University with a Bachelor of Science in Business and graduated in 1983. This led her to combine medicine and business by becoming a business manager in the medical setting. In 1989 she completed her Master of Science in Management from Indiana Wesleyan University. She became an active nurse volunteer at Air Shows around Indiana. She also volunteered at the Pan American Games held in Indiana and the Clay Court Tennis Championships held in Indianapolis. She completed her Certified Emergency Medical Technician training in 1991 from Methodist Hospital. 

Her interest in complimentary health care started in 1995 when traditional medicine did not improve her health issues. She blended traditional medicine; vitamin and herbal therapies and body cleansing and saw dramatic improvement in her symptoms. This was accomplished with Natures Sunshine Products, where other products of lesser quality did not accomplish her goals. This led to her understanding that once the body is given the proper nutrients it needs combined with healthy living, the body can heal itself. This is the basis for Naturopathic Medicine. 

This experience led Carol Baumheckel to study and complete her N.D., Naturopathy degree in October of 2002 with High Honors from Clayton College of Natural Health. She is an Associate Member of the American Association of Nutritional Consultants. She completed her Iridology training in 2005 from the Tree of Light Institute. Today, Carol Baumheckel’s passion and mission is to help others experience improvement in their health symptoms by learning about natural health. Order at my web store open 24/7.  Or use Sponsor #9903 if you order yourself.

Carol Baumheckel has clients all over the United States. She sees children, teenagers and adults. Consultations can take place either at the Indianapolis office or by telephone. Make an appointment by calling 317-440-1798.  Carol Baumheckel sees clients on the Northeast side of Indianapolis, Indiana. We can also consult via Facebook FaceTime.  Or order directly from my website at or order from the company and tell them I am your Sponsor #9903 under Natural Treasures Corp.  I am here to help you look better, feel better and to make your selection of vitamins, herbs and essential oils that can enhance your healing program.