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Carol's Testimony


Carol Baumheckel’s Testimonial

My Story. I had trained as a Nurse at Hinsdale Hospital in Hinsdale, Illinois. This is a Seventh Day Adventist hospital. Although not a Seventh Day Adventist myself they had much to teach me that I am grateful for and still use today. I was trained to be a holistic nurse taking into consideration my patient’s needs body, mind and spirit. The training taught me that diet was key to the patient’s health and healing. I learned how burn patients needed more calories to heal. I learned the importance of vitamins in healing and our patients often received vitamins in their IV’s. I also learned that a fever is good if it is not too high. A fever is your body at work and you should not try to go against the body’s natural defenses.

I believed in vitamins and took them for decades. I took whatever the store special was. I took the brand that offered the freebie little bottle with the larger bottle. I took the brand that had the once a month specials. Whatever brand of vitamins and calcium and vitamin E it didn’t matter to me. I also never noticed any difference by my taking them, yet I had been taught they were good so I took them. I also ate a horrible diet and never drank water. My face was full of pimples, my hair was oily and stringy with a scalp full of dandruff I suffered from for years. I also never had a regular bathroom schedule. Then the allergies hit. 

I had been experiencing severe asthma and allergies. I was under the care of an allergist. I was also on daily prescription drugs with a cortisone inhaler every day. I took the nightly prescription drug for inflammation in my respiratory tract. I never left the house without my emergency inhaler which I needed more and more frequently. My allergies were so severe that I could no longer wear perfume or sit next to someone wearing perfume. I could not go down the laundry detergent isle in the grocery store without an asthma attack needing my emergency inhaler. I tried allergy shots. I could never get up to the higher doses because I always had a reaction. My allergies were being managed and the drugs were life-saving but it was no way to live.

MY SISTER’S STORY. My sister also had allergies and was told she needed to find homes for her cats. She is a singer and choir director and the allergies were interfering with her career and ability to sing. She was blessed to find Debra Schmidt who said she was opening an herb store with her husband, Carl. She said Carl had terrible allergies too but found herbs to heal his body that were miraculous. 

Linda visited Carl and their store was mostly Nature’s Sunshine Products. She started on the ALJ allergy formula and learned about gentle body cleansing. She began to see improvement too. Linda shared with me how much better she was. She said the ALJ was the most fantastic product for allergies and phlegm and it was natural. She said the difference was how the company created herbal blends as opposed to buying multiple products for one symptom. Also that Nature’s Sunshine Products, manufactures their own product. She said it was superior to what I was buying. Because when using plants and not synthetics and fillers the products are much better. I wasn’t really impressed. 

PRODUCST AT WHOLESALE? Then she said you can sign up as a member Free with a $40 product order and and get your product at wholesale. Well, that got my attention. Wholesale prices sold me on the deal. We placed my first order. That was 11 years ago and still today a membership is Free with a $40 order.

WOW THE DIFFERENCE. It didn’t take long to see the difference. ALJ works immediately to get rid of phlegm through working in your body not just drying you up as a result. I couldn’t believe how fast it worked! The Super Supplemental vitamins seemed to give me energy that I had never experienced before. The Vitamin E and vitamins together changed my skin. I noticed after a few months my skin had improved and was softer. No other brands had done this.

CLEANSING. I learned about body cleansing and I cleaned my colon with the Tiao He Cleanse. The first cleanse was a little difficult. My body naturally eliminated lots of toxins and old stuff that came out of my body. Sometimes I felt a little uncomfortable and like I had the flu before going to the bathroom. Afterwards, I felt so much better! I also became regular and learned that you feel great when you have 2 to 3 bowel movements a day. I now cleanse 4 times a year. Since I live with a pet I also include my parasite cleansing as a part of my 4 times a year. I am eating better foods with more fruits, vegetables and lentils full of fiber help the whole process. I didn’t believe I could learn to drink water but now I love it. I cut up fresh lemons or limes which makes it taste good. 

OTHER POSITIVE RESULTS. Then the allergies were better to my great relief. I did not need the emergency inhaler as often. I went to my allergist and since I was doing better and he suggested we try just the evening anti-inflammatory and get rid of the cortisone inhaler. I didn’t need it any more! Over a few more months I didn’t need the anti-inflammatory and switched to adding Seasonal Defense when it was introduced a few years ago. When I needed an antihistamine I used Histablock. I still see my allergist and get the prescription for the emergency inhaler to be safe and carry it with me, but I’ve yet to use it! 

HYPOGLYCEMIA. My next health obstacle was hypoglycemia. I was having irradic blood sugar swings and dangerously low blood sugar readings into the 40’s. That felt like a near death experience to me. My doctor diagnosed the hypoglycemia and insulin resistance. These are the steps your body goes through before it gets diabetes. My insurance would pay for no diabetes prevention or education until I got the disease. I was just to live with it. This was not acceptable. 

I researched about hypoglycemia and insulin resistance. I learned that I was eating too many refined carbohydrates like white rice, flour products, pizza and juices. I learned that complex carbohydrates were better for me like brown rice, lentils and whole grain products. I added more lean protein to my diet such as eggs, turkey and light cheese. I felt much better and had fewer shaky spells where I couldn’t think straight. 

I read about how Flax Seed Oil could help improve the insulin resistance. I started using the Flax Seed Oil capsules and adding the Flax Seed Oil Liquid to soups, cottage cheese and salads anywhere I could get it in. I had been fighting the problem for 4 years and in 3 months I saw the greatest improvement I had seen in that time with the Flax Seed Oil. My blood sugars are more in control. I am not as hungry as often. Flax Seed Oil is my personal miracle.

All of these experiences were so profound that I had to share this information and the Nature’s Sunshine Products. I started to tell my family members. My Mom and Dad switched from their brand of supplements to Nature’s Sunshine Products. I told my friends and got them started on the products with their continual testimonials of how much better they feel or how improved their symptoms are. This is how my business grew; by word of mouth. I started selling in 1995. I have met many people at Nature's Sunshine Products conventions who are selling well into their 70's and I intend to do the same. I will be here for you. 

HOW CAN I HELP MORE PEOPLE? I decided I wanted to help more people so I went through the program at Clayton College of Natural Health. I received my Doctor of Naturopathy degree with High Honors in October of 2002. I was consulting out of my home. In early 2005 I opened my consulting office in Carmel, Indiana. I have met wonderful people I would not have otherwise met. I have built my business with a group of people committed to taking supplements to feel better. I teach that we work together with your primary physician and I educate my clients on the historical and researched uses of supplements. With a superior product such as Nature’s Sunshine Products these programs work. Herbs take time and if you give them the time to heal your body you will be excited about the improvement you will see in your health and symptoms as I did.

Carol Baumheckel's Mission Statement

“Our health is a treasure to be valued and is the basis for our ability to live life to the fullest. My mission is to share my passion about natural health so that others may have good health and vitality and attain their personal health goals.”