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Nature's Sunshine Products

Nature's Sunshine - Sponsor #9903

Carol Baumheckel has been an independent distributor since 1995.

Solle Naturals

Distributor for Solle Naturals

I am seeing improvements in my health with the Drinks

CinnaMate & Solle Vital 

Vital Choice Seafood

Vital Choice use number 1761 when ordering from Vital Choice


Trampolines mention Natural Treasures, Carol Baumheckel when you order.



Natural Treasures Vitamins, Herbs & Consulting

Phone:  317-440-1798


Order $40 and get a Free membership and only pay wholesale. 

Web Store open 24/7

Order directly from the company at tell them I am your Sponsor #9903 under Natural Treasures Corp. 

Call me to help make your selections or take our on-line health assessment at

Learn more about our Quality here

Become a Distributor and your cash income is unlimited.  Spanish and English Distributors are welcome.

Naturopathy and Iridology Appointments are $150 and return visits $65. If you have not been seen for 1 year you will be charged the initial $150 again. A $50 cancellation fee is charged for a no show to your appointment.  Be prepared to give your credit card prior to your appointment.

Order here for complete information and wholesale prices on supplements order 24/7 from my store.